Friday, September 3, 2010

Clinic Visit

On Friday, I went with daddy to the community hall that daddy and his brothers have built in the neighborhood. It is regularly used for different sunday school for kids and prayer meetings for adults, and also for other social activities...currently daddy is organizing a weekly geriatric clinic for folks who have medical needs. On an average day, around 40 people visit to receive medical care. Daddy supervises the clinic along with his friend Thankachan uncle. All the medications and care provided is free to patients. The expenses are covered by a charitable organization called Nanma (means 'goodness' in Malayalam). There is one doctor who volunteers his time and one pharmacist.

While I was there, daddy left to buy some medicine that was needed. I had a good time there sitting with people and trying to communicate in my broken Malayalam and the universal language of non-verbals. Of course the most helpful is the famous Indian nod ;)

FYI Malayalam is the language of the State of Kerala and it is also the longest palindrome in the English language:)


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